Gasoline, and Diesel, and Wild, Wild Engines

by Lee A. Hart

A preachment, dear friends, you're about to receive,
On the evils of big cars and oil, I believe.
(Hit it, boys...)

Once I was happy, and had a good wife.
I made enough money to last me fer life.
Then I bought a big car and we went on a spree,
And now I'm addicted to oil, you see.

Some say that smokin' and drinkin's a sin.
That's nothin' compared to the fix I am in.
My smokin' and drinkin's a thousand times worse.
But my car does it all; it's a terrible curse!

Gasoline is a blight on the whole human race,
Makin' wars and pollution all over the place.
We're burnin' our money to poison our land,
Makin' terrorists richer, I don't understand.

Write on the stone at the head of my grave,
To big cars and oil here lies a poor slave.
Take warnin' poor stranger, take warnin' dear friend.
If you don't quit 'em now, they'll get you in the end.

(Hallelujah, brothers!)


This is a parody of the song "Cigarettes and Whiskey and Wild Wild Women". To get the full effect, look up the Muppet's version on youtube with Peter Sellers. :-)

A poem by Lee A. Hart, © 1984-2019 by Lee A. Hart. Created 3/6/2012. Last updated 3/2/2019.
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