Sunrise EV2 vs. Solectria Sunrise -- a Comparison

The Solectria Sunrise cost $100,000 because it was designed to be mass produced in high volumes, but was actually hand made in low volumes. It was optimized for efficiency, with greater range than any EVs today. But acceleration and handling were compromised, and its donor car parts are now over 20 years old. There were also aspects that were unfinished, to be completed later if/when full production could be achieved.

The Sunrise EV2 has been updated and improved, and designed to be easy to build as a kit car. Now you have have a truly high performance EV without the compromises and limitations of a conversion! Here are the differences between the original and our version.


Battery Box:





Wheels and Tires:

Sunrise EV2 Prototype Specifications



Drive System





Performance goals


Plans for building the Sunrise EV2 are under development, as we're still adding and changing things. Copies are provided to Project members who are working on their own Sunrises.

The pictures on this page are a paper model of the Sunrise, made from our plans-in-progress to test the fit and dimensions. For contributions of $50 or more, I'll send you your very own hand-made model Sunrise, just like the pictures; built, signed, and dated by Yours Truly!

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